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Know How Your Horoscope (Zodiac Signs) Determines Your Negative Personality

If we look closely in Vedic astrology, then we can be successfully detect the characteristics and defects of every person. A person's horoscope is able to tell everything about his personality. Some people are blessed with strong positive character, while others are also of weak character. Weak character means a person lying, being dishonest and so on. Today we will try to tell you how the characteristics and defects in a person can be detected.

Reasons For Being Dishonest

First of all, we will talk about those situation due to which a person is of dishonest nature. In the third house of the horoscope, if Mars is situated without any auspicious sight, then there is doubt about the honesty of the person.

The fourth house of the horoscope is considered the mind of the person. The person's mind is disturbed when it is suffering. A person becomes dishonest when the fourth horoscope or Navamsh is situated in the sixth house of the horoscope.

Mercury is also considered a factor of intelligence. Intelligence is assessed by this. When the planet Mercury is situated in the ninth house with an inauspicious planet, then the person is inclined towards dishonesty.

In the fourth house of the horoscope, even if Dashmesh or Ashtamesh is situated, there is doubt about the honesty of the person. In the fourth house of the horoscope, when the two natural sin planets Mars and Saturn are located or Mars and Rahu are situated, then the person cheats with other people. Inauspicious planets in the fourth house of the horoscope or inauspicious planets are observing this house, even then the person is dishonest.

Reasons For Being Impudent In Nature

You must have brought up many such people in your life who are not hesitant to talk even if they have met someone for the first time and many of them are also of shameless nature who do not know what they are saying or What should they say when. Let us try to study such people through the horoscope. When Mars is looking at the Moon and Mercury in the horoscope, then the person can be of shameless nature.

When Mercury and Venus are situated in Mars and Ascendant in the seventh house of the horoscope, then the person is hesitant without any shame. Even if Jupiter is situated in the ascendant of the horoscope and Mars is looking, then the person will have no shame or hesitation in saying his words to anyone.

In the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of the horoscope ie horoscope, a weak moon is located along with Mars, even then a person can be unkind.

Person With Cunning Nature

Let us talk about such possibilities, through which a person's intelligence is likely to be crooked. Mercury is located in Aries horoscope in the horoscope, because Mercury is considered to be a factor of intelligence skills and when it is located in the zodiac sign of its supreme enemy planet, then the person's intelligence is likely to be crooked.

In the horoscope, Mercury is the lord of the ascendant and is situated in the sixth house, this will be possible only in Gemini ascendant and Virgo ascendant. The habit of crookedness in a person's intellect can be possible only when the other auspicious auspicious of the horoscope is weak. In any sense of the horoscope Rahu, Saturn and Mars are being combined, even then there can be crookedness in the intellect of the person.

People With Aggressive Nature

In the end, we will talk about those possibilities which cause a person to have a lot of anger. If Mars is situated in a weak state in the ascendant of the horoscope, or in the seventh house and is facing the eyes of Saturn, then there is a possibility of excessive anger.

If Mars is situated in the ascendant or seventh house of Mars in the horoscope, the person gets more anger because Mars itself is an aggressive planet and if it is related to the lagna, it makes you very angry. The horoscope of the horoscope can make you more angry even if it is located in the eighth or twelfth house.

In the horoscope, the Moon sign, that is, the Moon in your horoscope, the zodiac sign in which the lord of the planet is in the fifth or ninth house of the horoscope can also make you more angry. Being in the influence of the horoscope of Mars, Mars and Saturn also makes you more likely to get angry.